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When we first started our business, I did everything "right."  I went to the best people in the industry.  I sat in their classes.  I took notes and then I went home and did exactly what they told me to do.

It was passed the days of hard proofs, so I never physically ripped up a portraits of a child in front of his mother, but some of the sales strategies I was emulated made me feel just as dirty.

I had sales goals--you know, because my family had to eat--and I would start looking in judgement at people who did not spend what my sales coach said I should be making each session.  In fact, I almost became angry at them as their lower dollar sale meant I failed and I knew my coach would ask about that low number.

I had a hard time looking in the mirror.

On one hand, I had my beautiful daughter who I wanted to provide the best life possible for and on the other I had wonderful clients who had life issues of their own.  I felt like I was constantly pitting these two needs against each other.  I felt like I could never win.

Amidst tears of failure, there came a glimmer of hope.  As we were packing for a move, I found an old folder of things from junior high...

Mr. Jerry Rose used to teach a class called, "You are Special."  It was based upon the Platinum Rule--"Do unto others as they would have done unto themselves."  It was a whole theory of matching people to what they need based upon personalities.

My world immediately turned upside down.  This is too great of a secret to keep to myself so I really want to empower you to learn to earn a living in a way that allows everyone to feel great.

It's really simple

With the Platinum Rule, we match people to their needs.  The problem then arises as we figure out their needs...

Don't worry.  We have that DONE FOR YOU.  With this amazing system, you have a "studio in a box" complete with templates, forms and scripts tailored to individual needs.

This will have you many weeks worth of work as you set yourself up for success in a way that everyone wins.  

I joke that clients joyfully throw money at me.  Well, they don't throw it, but they do smile as they write their checks, hand over cash or sign their charge slips.  And they come back.  Again and again.

This can be your reality.

Your Coach

  • Deanna Duncan

    Deanna Duncan

    Deanna Duncan, known as Dee to her friends, has a passion for empowering people to see beauty--in themselves and others. She left a career in education and non-profit management to help her husband, Cris Duncan, realize his dream and somewhere along the journey of building C j Duncan Photography in Lubbock, Texas, she discovered that she too could take the visions she saw in her head and transfer them to reality through the camera lens. Deanna is an Internationally award winning photographer who has been published in several magazines and had the honor of representing the United States in the World Photographic Cup. She is a Master Photographic Craftsman. However, what really brings her joy people. There is nothing she loves more than sitting down with you, a great cup of tea and hearing your story--and then figuring out how to build your business. If you don't watch out, she may talk you into running a 5K or perhaps a marathon. You just never know what can happen when you start dreaming...