• 20+ Video Lessons

    Over 20 video lessons that take the CPP test specifications and break them up into easy to follow and understand lessons. Learn the technical aspects as well as practical applications.

  • Practice Quizzes and Exam

    Following the lessons are short practice quizzes to help reinforce the information you have learned. There is also a 100 question practice test to further prepare you for the CPP exam.

  • Study Guide

    This course also comes with a downloadable workbook so you can follow along with the lessons, add your own notes and never miss out on an important concept.


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  • Watch the lessons anywhere, anytime on any device.

  • This course is the only comprehensive online CPP Prep course taught by an approved certified instructor!

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  • Be part of a community that is encouraging and positive and is here to help you succeed.

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  • Oh, yeah, become a better photographer too!


Exclusive Content and Community

  • Glossary of Terms

    The terminology is a big part of the CPP exam so we have provided you with an extensive Glossary of Terms to ensure that you know the true meaning of the words and terms you see and hear in this course.

  • Exclusive Community

    Students of this course will have access to an exclusive Facebook group that provides you a safe place to ask questions, post images and get the positive and constructive feedback you desire from your instructor and other CPP candidates and graduates.


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Violet Bowman

Thank You!

Violet Bowman

Cris J Duncan Great appreciation for you and your online CPP prep course! You presented the material in such an easy to understand format and it never seemed overwhelming to me. I felt much more relaxed and prepared for the exam after taking your course. Results are in and I passed out here in California! Yay!! Thank you!
Laura H.


Laura H.

If you have trouble making time to study on your own or if you learn best by listening, this is the class for you! Get it done with Cris! He kept my attention and I passed, plus I learned some new photography tips along the way! Win/win!
Peter H.


Peter H.

I had been a practicing professional for a number of years before I started thinking about the CPP. Cris paid attention to the details, out of the minutia, and made it all very easy to fill in the gaps. The CPP exam was every bit as challenging as I had heard. Cris gave me the confidence I needed going in. And, yes, I passed!
Michael C.


Michael C.

With Cris's help I was able to review and pass the CPP exam with ease on my first try. He made the information easy to learn, to understand, and to retain for the test.
Darren T.


Darren T.

Enjoyed taking the CPP prep class with Cris! He presented the information in a way that was easy to understand, was helpful with students needing extra time on various concepts, and was genuine and professional throughout.


  • Cris j Duncan

    Lead instructor

    Cris j Duncan

    Cris Duncan, along with his wife, Deanna, own and operate C j Duncan Photography in Lubbock, Texas. They have had the honor of photographing everything from weddings to families to corporate clients and even two Presidents.  In over a dozen years,  the Duncans have been published in numerous national magazines and acquired many industry accolades including several GIA (Grand Imaging Award)category awards.  However, what means the most is their daughter, family and the life they lead working together in the art form they love.  The Duncans can be found educating creatives at events across North America. They are the founders of Find Your Focus Education and host an annual retreat for photographers. Cris is a Master Photographer, a Photographic Craftsman and and a Certified Professional Photographer. In addition, Cris is a regular instructor at Imaging USA, Texas School of Professional Photography and is an approved Certification Instructor.


All the lessons, quizzes and study material you see below!

  • 2
    Additional Learning Materials and Downloads.
  • 4
    Chapter II. Exposure and Meters
    • Lesson 4 - Exposure & Meters (50:35)
    • Quiz #4 - Exposure & Meters
    • BONUS LESSON: Exposure Equivalent Calculations. (11:04)
    • Quiz - Exposure Equivalents (Incase you wanted a few more)
    • Lesson 5 - Exposure & Meters (28:15)
    • Quiz #5 - Exposure & Meters
    • Great Job!
    • Chapter II Survey
  • 5
    Chapter III. Lighting
    • Lighting - Test Specs
    • Lesson 6 Part I - Lighting (23:11)
    • Lesson 6 Part II - Lighting (17:10)
    • Quiz #6 - Lighting
    • Lesson 7 - Lighting (24:12)
    • BONUS LESSON: Ratio Calculations (7:57)
    • Quiz #7 - Lighting Ratios
    • Lesson 8 - Lighting (12:15)
    • Lighting as a NARRATIVE Tool. BONUS VIDEO (13:41)
    • Lesson 9 - Lighting (21:51)
    • Lesson 10 - Lighting (27:58)
    • Quiz #8 - Lighting
    • Lesson 11 - Lighting (29:27)
    • Quiz #9 - Lighting
    • Lesson 12 - Lighting (20:10)
    • Quiz #10 - Lighting
    • Keep on Keeping On.
    • Chapter III Survey
  • 6
    Chapter IV. Composition and Design
    • Composition & Design - Test Specs
    • Lesson 13 - Composition & Design (12:04)
    • Lesson 14 - Composition & Design (12:21)
    • Quiz #11 - Composition & Design
    • Lesson 15 - Lighting & Composition (19:34)
    • Lesson 16 - Composition & Design (19:10)
    • Quiz #12 - Composition & Design
    • Lesson 17 - Composition & Design (15:09)
    • Quiz #13 - Composition & Design
    • Check another one off the list
    • Chapter IV Survey
  • 7
    Chapter V. Digital Post Production
    • Digital Post Production - Test Spec
    • Lesson 18 - Digital Post Production (14:05)
    • Lesson 19 - Digital Post Production (15:28)
    • Quiz #14 - Digital Post Production
    • Almost there!
    • Chapter VI Survey
  • 8
    Chapter VI. Image Capture and Output
    • Image Capture & Output - Test Specs
    • Lesson 20 - Image Capture & Output (18:53)
    • Lesson 21 - Image Capture & Output (24:34)
    • Quiz #15 - Image Capture & Output
    • Whoop!
    • Course survey
    • "Share your Success"
  • 9
    Final Thoughts and BONUS Video.
    • The C+ Student - Bonus Video (9:51)
    • Closing Thoughts (2:35)
    • Resources
  • 10
    Practice Exam
    • Test Preparation and Tips- READ ME FIRST
    • CPP Practice Exam - DOWNLOAD & PRINT
    • CPP Practice Exam - Answer Key
    • Practice Exam Discussion Panel
  • 11
    BONUS: CPP Image Submission Mini-Course


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Becoming a Certified Photographer is Becoming a Better Photographer.



  • CPP Test Preparation Course

    Mark Mims

    This is a good course because Cris makes it personal, which is hard to do via computer based training. Good pace, good material coverage, good choice for CP...

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    This is a good course because Cris makes it personal, which is hard to do via computer based training. Good pace, good material coverage, good choice for CPP prep. UPDATE: Passed the CPP test in Atlanta, GA at Imaging USA 2019. Thank you Cris!

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  • Awesome Class!

    Pamela Campbell

    Cris does a great job giving you the information you need and the examples of how to apply the information to your business. If you want to better yourself a...

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    Cris does a great job giving you the information you need and the examples of how to apply the information to your business. If you want to better yourself as a photographer the information you learn here will do that and the bonus is, you will be prepared to take the CPP exam when you are ready.

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  • CPP Test Preparation Course

    Kamal Kassouf

    Thank you Cris for the comprehensive photography course. I now have much better understanding of the craft and how to use it in practical application. Due to...

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    Thank you Cris for the comprehensive photography course. I now have much better understanding of the craft and how to use it in practical application. Due to the cost, I hesitated signing up for the course initially. But, now I understand its value and the effort on your part putting the course material together. Very much appreciated sharing your knowledge.

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  • What is CPP?

    CPP is a designation conferred by the Professional Photographers of America, meaning Certified Professional Photographer. I call it a Competent, Proficient Professional.

  • When can I begin?

    Right away! As soon as you enroll, you will be given immediate access to the entire course and can start on lesson #1 or #10, although we recommend starting at, well, the start.

  • Is there a time limit on the course?

    Once you enroll, you stay enrolled for 2 years. Watch and learn when and where you please.

  • Is this course only for those in the CPP process?

    Not at All! This course is for anyone who want to be a better photographer.

  • Do I have to be a PPA member to take this course.

    No. Anyone can enroll and take this course. However, you do need to be a PPA member to complete the certification process

  • How can I know how I will do on the CPP exam?

    No one can answer that but you. We want to make sure the information you learn sticks! That is why we added example questions to the lessons, we have short quizzes in each section and there is even a 100 question practice exam.

  • What if I have a question during the course? How do I get an answer? Am I on my own?

    Not at all. Inside the course is a discussion panel that you can ask questions. You will also be invited to join an exclusive Facebook group with access to your instructor and other photographers that will provide you with positive and encouraging feedback.

  • I learn by reading, not by listening.

    Not a problem. This course was designed so that no matter what your learning style, you will become more knowledgeable. We have a workbook and study guide that follows along with the course step by step. Use it to take notes as you read, watch and/or listen to your instructor.

  • The idea of watching hours of video sounds boring.

    I could not agree more, that is why the concepts in this course are broken down in to smaller, easy to digest and understand video lessons. We have quizzes that reinforce what you learned as well as text content and some just for fun lessons as well.